Devilish Dressings

Bombard's Firehouse Spread

This one came from one of my favorite customers, Randy, at the Harbor Reef Lodge in Nosara, Costa Rica. Let's say he "burns it up" in the kitchen but it came to him in one of those moments when the cold beer was mixing with the sweltering jungle heat...


• - Block of Cream Cheese (live a little and use the full fat stuff)
• - Bottle of BeeSting Honey n' Habanero Pepper Sauce
• - Optional fine diced mango or pineapple


Brain surgeons need not apply, this one's that easy... Soften cream cheese at room temp for 20 or 30 minutes. Place in mixing bowl, smoosh in BeeSting Honey n' Habanero to taste. For a real tropical treat add forementioned fruit (as opposed to forbidden fruit), and spread it onto your favorite crackers or tiny toast points if you're real upscale... Great for apres surf when the boyz show up hungry!