Savory Starters

Chicken Wings ala Bahia

Sizzling, hot n' spicy chicken wings have become the modern party equivalent of the cheeseball and Swedish meatballs... thank God!

Fire 'em up as much as you kin stand!


• Chicken wings
• One (or all if you have life-flight on standby) of your favorite Half Moon Bay Trading - Iguana and BeeSting Brand Sauces. Best bets depending on your tolerance are: Smoky Iguana Chipotle, Iguana XXX Habanero, Iguana Gold Island, Iguana Red Cayenne, BeeSting Honey Hab, BeeSting Mango Passion, BeeSting Mustard or Tamarindo Bay Steak Sauce.


Bake wings at 350 degrees f. in large cast iron skillet or glass baking dish until wings are almost done (25-30min.), remove from oven and dump into a large bowl. Cover wings with enough of your favorite Half Moon Bay Trading sauce to wet every crack & crevice of wings. Return to oven and bake for 6 more minutes while you get everyone a cold beer or three... Have a roll of paper towels on hand.