Chili Guaro Shooters

You will pretty much be able to find this spicy shot at any bar in Costa Rica, but the debate goes on among Ticos as to which bar makes the best Chili Guaro Shots. The recipe is usually made and refrigerated on a large scale in a mixing bowl with a liter bottle of Guargo (the national liquor of Costa Rica), 10 to 11 Persian limes halved & squeezed (toss the squeezed limes in, too), a cup of Bloody Iguana Bloody Mary Mixer or 12 oz. of tomato juice (mostly for color & consistency), and 3 oz. of Iguana RadioActive Atomic Pepper Sauce. We've reduced the recipe to make one drink at a time - but if you've a thirsty crown on your hands, go for the bowlful to prevent dissention among the ranks.


• -Guaro Cacique de Costa Rica or Cachaca 51 of Brazil (both are high proof white cane liquor)
• -Bloody Iguana Bloody Mary Mixer or tomato juice
• -Persian Limes
• -Iguana RadioActive Atomic Pepper Sauce
• -Salt


In a cocktail shaker: Place 1+ oz. of chilled Cacique-Guaro, 1/2 oz. Bloody Iguana Mixer (or tomato juice) chilled, a couple of ice cubes to chill it out more, and the juice of 1/2 a lime squeezed. Have an extra wedge or two of lime of hand to place on the rim of the glass for decoration. Add about a teaspoon (or 3 or 4 dashes) of Iguana RadioActive into the cocktail shaker with a pinch of salt (or salt the glass rims instead), and give it a good shaking. Pour a shot or three straining out the ice cubes, and garnish with a lime wedge. Salud!