Savory Starters

Iggy's Oyster Shots

(better by the half dozen)

Not for the faint of heart, but if you're in it to live it, this one's for you. A rite of passage for everyone here at the Bay, these famed Oyster Shots will put the kit in your kaboodle, every time. Live long and prosper!


• 6 chilled double-shot glasses (or vodka glasses)
• 6 plump raw oysters
• 1 tbsp. minced shallots
• 1 tbsp. minced lemon grass
• Iguana Red Cayenne, or Iguana XXX Habanero, or (what the hell, take it up a couple of notches)...Iguana RadioActive Atomic Pepper Sauce, to taste 6 oz. or more of lemon-flavored vodka (like Absolut Citron)


This ain’t rocket science, kids, but here goes (I’ll talk slowly)...

Plop an oyster into each of the chilled glasses, top with a healthy splash of your favorite Iguana Brand Pepper Sauce listed above, toss in a pinch each of the minced shallots and lemon grass, and what’s left? Yep, finish it off with a healthy ounce of the vodka in each glass.

Gather your five favorite people, have everyone simultaneously lift the glasses and say, Salud! (I saw this in a Pedro Aldomovar movie). Yields: 6 virile drunks.