Main Dishes

Zesty Chicken Chilli

A tasty mid-western style, white chilli with roasted chicken, white beans and green chili peppers for zing!


• - Roasted chicken - pulled or diced
• - White beans (canned w/ liquid)
• - Green chilies
• - Peanuts
• - Green onions or scallions


Roast your chicken with your favorite herbs and spices then pull off bone and/or dice depending on how large you like the chunks. Roast the green chilies (from Hatch N.M. are best) until the skins are just slightly toasted, seed and chop. Place canned white beans w/ the liquid into a saucepan (quantity of canned beans dictates your net results). Stir in the chicken and roasted chilies while heating to simmer, adding Caribbean Condiment to taste. Sprinkle the peanuts in last just to heat but not soften, and sprinkle thin sliced green onions on top of each serving.