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Half Moon Bay Trading

Bee Sting Pineapple Guava Hot Sauce Deuce 2 oz.

Bee Sting Pineapple Guava Hot Sauce Deuce 2 oz.

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A tropical medium-hot masterpiece of pineapple, guava, spice & fresh red jalapenos with a splash of rainforest honey. This new endeavor may seem tame to those not familiar with our beloved "Nooge" but he pulled out all the stops & came back from Costa Rica with more than just fishing & surfing tales (lies we always imagine). He 'splains it something like this: "As pineapple and guava are favored fruits in Latin America & the Caribbean, adding a touch of sweet, tropical excitement to a variety of dishes and drinks down there, why not exploit the darn things for our next sauce? And when combined with ripe red jalapenos, honey, and spice in an ecclectic concoction such as this, is becomes as we like to say... "Guava Lava."

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