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Half Moon Bay Trading

Iguana Red Hot Sauce 5 oz.

Iguana Red Hot Sauce 5 oz.

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Our classic red pepper sauce radiates what we call "the perfect heat." (In other words, it's as hot as we like to eat in mass quantities on a daily basis). The cayenne flavor and heat take you there and back quickly while still allowing the other flavors their full glory. With a rich tomato and carrot base, Iguana Red also contains onion, garlic, a touch of molasses and other spices. We love it on shrimp, chicken, eggs, French fries, beans and rice, vegetable dishes and whatever!

It's even good on (you guessed it) barbequed iguana, if you've got the hankering. Turns out the lively lizard is a real treat with Caribbean locals but needs a potent sauce and a stiff drink to help ease it down the hatch. So use it, like we do, anywhere you'd want to add a bit of flavorful fire without a lip-searing afterburn.

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